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Top 10 Male Pug Names

When you bring home your Pug puppy for the first time it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of playing and bonding with your new friend. One of the things you have to remember to do, however, is to give your new pup a name!

Your Pug’s name should be a reflection of his personality and his temperament which means that you may need to take some time getting to know him before you choose. Below you will find a list of the top ten male Pug names to give you some ideas.

  1. Bailey – The name Bailey comes from the Middle English word meaning “bailiff,” a person who guards property and keeps order. While the Pug may not be the best guard dog in the world, your Pug will become the keeper of your heart!
  2. Bodhi – Derived from the Buddhist term for “wisdom” or “enlightenment,” Bodhi is the perfect name for a male Pug. Not only is the Pug breed of Chinese origin, but with their wrinkled faces and wise expressions, the Pug definitely seems like an old soul.
  3. Cocoa – This name is the perfect fit for a male Pug whose personality is as sweet as chocolate. The name can also be a reference to the brownish color that some Pugs exhibit.
  4. Buddy – If you are looking for a cute name that fits your Pug’s friendly personality, Buddy just might be the perfect fit. Pugs are a very social and people-oriented breed so you can rely on your Pug to always be by your side.
  5. Cujo – For a name that makes your Pug sound tough, a name like Cujo might be the perfect fit. This name can also be given ironically because Pugs are absolutely not an aggressive or angry breed like the rabid dog character from Stephen King’s novel, Cujo.
  6. Duke – The Pug breed was developed to be used as a lapdog by Chinese nobility. A dog with such a noble heritage deserves a noble name like Duke.
  7. Jester – If you are looking for a name that matches your Pug’s clownish personality, Jester just might be the right fit. A jester was someone who entertained medieval nobility with silly antics and that is exactly what the Pug does.
  8. Lilo – This name translates to mean “generous one” and that is a very apt description for the Pug’s personality. These little dogs may be small but they have endless love to give and they are eager to give it to you!
  9. Maximus – This is a Roman family name that is derived from the Latin for “greatest”. While Pugs may not be the largest dogs, they have great personalities – you can also shorten this name to Max for a cute nickname.
  10. Otis – This name is inspired by the canine star of the movie Milo and Otis which featured an orange tabby kitten and a Pug who go off on great adventures together. This film was originally Japanese which speaks to the Asian origins of the Pug breed.

Once you get to know your Pug a little better, the perfect name might just come to you. If you need some help in thinking up ideas, however, you can consult this list of the top ten male Pug names.

Photo credit: Heather Paul/Flickr