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What To Expect When Sharing Your Life With A Pug

Pugs are sweet dogs that enjoy being part of a family. This is most-likely one of the many reasons you chose to become a pet parent to a Pug. Before you bring your Pug home, you will want to prepare for living life with this breed. There are a variety of adjustments you may have to make, as well as getting use to the quirks that Pugs bring to your life.

Snoring, Grunts and other Noises

Your Pug has a short nose passage that creates snorting, snoring and grunting noises to appear from time to time. Since your Pug will want to be by your side all day and night, you will want to feel assured that you can tolerate these noises. If you are sensitive to snoring, try getting yourself a pair of ear plugs so that you feel comfortable and get a good night’s rest.

Shedding and Grooming

Pugs shed their hair all year and frequently. You will want to get use to seeing your furniture and clothes having Pug fur on them for your Pugs entire lifetime. Brushing your Pug frequently will help prevent the fur from building up on the furniture. However, you will still want to invest in a good quality vacuum cleaner and plenty of lint brushes to help keep your home and clothes free from your Pugs fur.

Excessive Food Limitations

Pugs always appear to be hungry. If their dreams would come true they would eat all day and night. As a pet parent you will want to be strong and limit your Pug’s treats as well as provide scheduled feeding times. This will help prevent your Pug from becoming overweight and developing health issues. If you feel concerned about the proper amount of food to feed your Pug, consult with the veterinarian to assure you are providing the correct amount for your Pug’s age and stage of life.

High Quality Toys

Pugs love to play with toys. Be prepared to purchase a variety of high quality toys. They don’t have to be fancy or expensive, but the toys do have to be durable. Pugs love to chew on their toys with a strong grip. It is also wise to provide a variety of toys such as ropes, squeak toys and balls. The toys that you are able to hide treats inside of are especially entertaining for Pugs.

Provide Doggie Stairs

Pugs have short legs, so if you are considering allowing him or her to jump on furniture such as the sofa or bed, you will want to provide doggie steps. While they are capable of hopping onto low surfaces, the doggie steps will make it easier and more comfortable for your Pug to reach the furniture.

A large adjustment you will have to make is that your Pug wants to spend all day, every day by your side. They are loyal and devoted to their owners. You will want to feel assured that you can handle having a shadow next to you at all times. When you do need to leave the house, you will want to provide a safe place within your home for your Pug to stay. It could be a crate, soft bed or gated off area with lots of toys to entertain him or her. Be prepared to welcome a Pug into your life by using the above list as guide to becoming a pet parent to a Pug.